MakeUp Instrument 6.1

Timur Fatykhov (Shareware)

MakeUp Instrument is a portrait editing program that allows users to remove skin imperfections and apply or fix makeup digitally. The program supports PSD image files so that users can open Photoshop projects using the application. To add photos to the application, users can drag and drop the image file to the program’s interface. Finished portraits can be saved in different formats, such as PNG, BMP, JPG, and other popular formats.

The main window of the MakeUp Instrument application is divided into three parts. The right side of the window is where users can view the portrait. The upper left hand portion shows the different instruments that can be used (lipstick, toothbrush, eye shadow, eye liner, glamour skin, shampoo, etc). Under the ‘Instruments’ window, users can change the settings for the tools, such as the brush size, hue, saturation, and lightness. Additionally, users can right click on the cosmetic bag for more instruments. Additional instruments are red eye removal, skin cleaner, object removal, clone, and brightness-contrast. Other tasks that can be done with the program are the following:

• Remove date stamps and watermarks
• Eliminated scratches, tattoos, and wrinkles
• Change eye color
• Change the body shape
• Sharpen the image