MakeTorrent 2

kRYPT (Freeware)

The MakeTorrent 2 program allows the user to create torrents from files and folders for distribution on the Internet for other users to download. Included in the program is the ability for the user to edit existing torrent files. File names, trackers, comments, and torrent names can be edited by the user.

The Make Torrent 2 features:
• Built-in torrent editor and viewer - allows the user to select the files, trackers, torrent name, and comments for editing and saving.
• Simple and Classic modes – interface for beginner and intermediate users.
• Automatic update of Trackers – tells other trackers (computers with the same user torrent files that form distribution groups to help other torrent users download the file) that the file is updated and is being shared and downloaded from the internet.
• Create torrents – the user selects a file or folder on the program interface, adjusts settings and saves the file in a directory to make a torrent file. A torrent file stores metadata that other torrent download programs use to download the file.

The MakeTorrent 2 program interface allows the user to create a torrent file by selecting the Create Torrent tab and selecting the directory of the file or folder to be created into a torrent. Adjust torrent settings like trackers, torrent file name and mouse clicking the Create .torrent now! button. Then the user will select which directory the created torrent will be saved in.