MakeMKV 1.8.1

GuinpinSoft inc (Freeware)

MakeMKV is an application that converts video files from propriety disks into patent-free file format.  MKV means Matroska Video, which is considered as an open container format.  Matroska Video has the capability to contain different types of formats in one file, such as picture, audio, video and subtitle tracks.  MKV is used as a universal format for storing files like TV shows or movies. This format can be changed in terms of removing unnecessary components and reducing file sizes.

MakeMKV converts encrypted files into MKV files without changing most of its content. Once converted into MKV format, these files are decrypted and can be played using media players.  MKV formats can be converted into other file formats, such as those for Blu-ray and DVD disks.  MakeMKV does not only decrypt files, but also has a built-in media player that can stream different media formats. This feature enables the user to stream Blu-ray and DVD disks in an instant without the use of other players.  Users can watch movies on the computer or laptop anytime even if the device lacks a Blu-ray or DVD drive. Aside from being a media player, it can store different information, such as chapters, audio and video tracks, track language, and audio type.