Engelmann Media (Freeware)

MakeMe3D is a program developed by Engelmann Media that has the capability to convert ordinary two-dimensional videos and movies to 3D. With the use of 3D-glasses, viewing becomes more realistic with its added depth.

The software has a variety of features:

• It supports a wide range of video formats. This includes DVD, MPG, AVI, MP4, and more. Practically any users’ favorite films or home videos can be made into a 3D movie.
• The resolution of the output can be adjusted according to users’ preferences. This makes movies and videos perfect for viewing using different devices.
• The program allows batch conversion. Users can simply create a list of videos they want to convert and it will do the rest. This saves time and energy on the part of the user.

Converted videos can be saved in WMV, MPG, MP4, or AVI formats. 3D effects can be customized, which includes brightness, 3D depth, and frame effect. MakeMe3D has a preview screen, and offers other options, such as Optical Flow Detection, extending file names in case of duplicates, providing alerts  when the usage of the CPU is full to its capacity, and more. Users can even choose to create a single screenshot or screenshots at specified intervals.