Makehuman 1.0 alpha 7

The MakeHuman team (Open Source)

Makehuman is a graphics application developed by The MakeHuman team and released on November 2012. This application enables users to create prototypes of photorealistic humanoid and human forms or characters. This program is specially developed for artists, programmers, and other people who are interested in computer models of human beings in three-dimensional form.

Makehuman makes this possible by creating a 3D mesh with advanced topology customizable with a set of user-controlled characteristics including sex, race, muscularity, and size. This program also enables users to customize more detailed parameters including finger length, eye shape, and eye color. Created 3D models are used either in the professional setup or manipulated inside the program and exported as a 2D artwork. In the first setup, the Makehuman 3D creation is integrated and exported into a 3D CGI system like Maya, Blender, Zbrush, or C4D, among several. This 3D human form will then be incorporated into 3D renderings of complex scenes or used for videos and games. In the second setup, this program enables users to manipulate the 3D form to execute simple or intricate poses. The users may also customize the 3D form by adding clothing and other characteristics. This is possible through the visual library containing customization options including hair, skin tones, poses, and expressions, among others. This can then be rendered by a third-party rendering engine or outputted as 2D art.