makeAVIS 0.11

Avisynth (Freeware)

MakeAVIS is a GUI application that is used to process Avisynth Scripts. GUI or also known as graphical user interface is a language tool that is used to communicate with computers. This type of language uses images in processing information rather than text symbols. GUI can be used in different computer programs and other devices like digital household appliances, office equipment, portable media players or MP3 and portable game consoles.  The application can be used for producing scripts by means of using templates. Makeavis is also used in making temporary avi.files for media files with avisynth script.

The program has a feature that can monitor time lapses in movie scenes. MakeAvis can capture a specific segment in the movie at any instant. The program support different file formats such as JPG, PNG and BMP. The program has a user-friendly interface which includes several command buttons like add files, delete files and sort files. Editing is made possible by using the built-in crop tool of the application. The crop tool can be configured by adjusting the x and y axis. These axes determine the area to be cropped. At the lower left corner of the window, an image preview is shown.