MailWasher Pro 2012.1.20

Firetrust (Shareware)

MailWasher Pro is an application that filters spam and other unwanted messages in an email account. The program allows users to view a preview of the inbox and delete spam emails. Afterwards, the remaining email messages are downloaded to the computer. The whole process can be done in just three steps. First, click on the ‘Check Mail’ button. A list of all the messages in the inbox will appear. From the list, users can see the status of each of the messages. Users can then mark the spam messages. Click the ‘Wash Mail’ button to delete all the unwanted emails.

MailWasher Pro has an advanced spam detection technology that automatically detects and marks all the spam messages. Email addresses are filtered in different categories, too (friends, blacklist, spam, family, etc). With the application’s advanced technology, it monitors the user’s behavior based on the messages that are marked as good and those that are marked as spam. The next time a spam email enters the email account, the program will automatically mark it as a ‘bad’ email. The program comes with a wizard to help beginners through the set up process.

MailWasher Pro supports a wide range of email clients including Thunderbird, Gmail, AOL, Outlook, Yahoo, and many more.