MailWasher 7.5

Firetrust Ltd (Freeware)

MailWasher is an email management tool developed by Firetrust Ltd. It is used for managing emails, removing viruses from emails, and filtering spam emails. The program is available in two editions – MailWasher Free and MailWasher Pro. MailWasher Pro offers all the features available in MailWasher Free with added features including using multiple emails, recycle bin, full preview pane, and 24/7 technical support.

The program supports almost all common email programs including Microsoft Oulook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, and more. Its primary purpose is to block and prevent spam emails. The program allows users to delete all unwanted emails before downloading them to the computer. It shows detailed information about the emails including the subject, attachment, and the sender. This information allows users to decide whether the emails are spam or not. Aside from this information, this spam filtering software also allows users to preview the emails first before downloading them to the computer. It can even mark emails via color-coding to determine whether the email is considered as spam or not. The program features anti-spam tools as well. These include Filtering, Friends List, and Bayesian Spam Filtering. These tools allow the program to customize and filter emails much easily. There is also a Recycle Bin function, which allows users to restore an email.

Other features offered by MailWasher include checking of emails at various intervals, playing sound whenever emails arrive, email logs, and more.