MailStore 8.0.4

deepinvent Software GmbH (Freeware)

MailStore is an email-archiving program developed by deepinvent Software GmbH. It is used for backing up and archiving emails. The program is available in two editions – MailStore Home and MailStore Server. The Home version is a freeware desktop email-archiving program. It is designed specifically for home users. The Server edition is the shareware client-server program version and it offers email-archiving solutions for small-sized and medium-sized businesses.

MailStore enables users to backup emails to a central archive. The Home version also features a mobile email archiving solution that lets users back up emails to a portable device, such as a USB drive. All the backed up files are stored on a central location. Even if the user is using different client platforms (i.e. Yahoo! Mail or Gmail) or the emails are distributed to different computers, the program is capable of archiving all emails to a central location. Aside from this, the application also offers a One-Click Restore function. This feature enables users to forward emails or reply to emails by simply clicking on an email application like Microsoft Outlook. The program can also work as a migrating tool, which is used for restoring the archive files at any point using the export function.

The MailStore Server edition also features a storage technology that does need an external DMS (database management system). It also offers compliance features that allow businesses to comply with the requirements of business or regulatory record retention.