Asterworld (Freeware)

MailManager is an application designed to save time and effort that is usually wasted when dealing with and handling e-mail overload. This program assists the user in finding emails and filing emails. In an office setting, this utility is handy in ensuring that emails are filed in one location so that content is easy to find, there is minimal network traffic, and the storage space taken up by emails is reduced.

This program offers users with the following functions:
• E-mail archiving in standard folders over the network or in PC hard disk
• Facilitating easier e-mail search
• Providing users with guidance during message filing

The application’s advanced features improve the speed by which e-mails are viewed in the system folders.

MailManager can be used even when offline. This is a tool that can improve compliance to quality assurance procedures as well as project management. MailManager gives users access to archived messages as well. When this solution is at hand, the email workflow is streamlined and search tasks are faster and more flexible.

This program is easy to install and deploy, does not require a server and does not need integration. It is also easy to maintain and proves useful in both enterprise-level and single-user installations.