Mailbag Assistant 4.01

Fookes Holding Ltd (Shareware)

Mailbag Assistant is an email manager that enables users to sort, search, archive, and analyze their emails. It is a handy application for users that receive tons of emails daily. The application is suitable for both beginners and advanced users, as it comes with wizards and more advanced features, such as Boolean operators.

The application’s interface has five tabs that can be utilized in order to change the appearance of the inbox. The five tabs are – grid view main, grid view subset, message header, message body, and raw email. The emails displayed on the window show information, such as the date the email was sent, the sender, subject of the email, and the email address. When an email is selected, its contents are displayed at the bottom part of the main window. Gird columns can also be enabled or disabled by the user. Some of the categories that can be shown or hidden are the date, priority, attachment, size, mailbox name, and others.

Here are the other key features of the Mailbag Assistant application:

• Comes with a filtering feature that users can utilize to display only selected emails
• Support for automation of tasks
• Users can group their email messages together