MahJongg Masters

Zylom (Shareware)

MahJongg Masters is a game developed by Zylom. There are two variants available to fans of the game. The first is a classic version and the second is an arcade-style game. There are three difficulty levels available to players who want to challenge their skills. A player who can clear the board as quickly as possible can achieve high scores. This computer game requires focus and a strategic approach.

Mah-jongg is an ancient Chinese game that have entertained generations of Chinese communities. It has spread to Asia and other parts of the world where the Chinese people have traded. Now, the traditional game that is played with tiles has numerous digital versions available for download and browser-based play. MahJongg Masters is an example of an excellently rendered computer version of the classic Chinese game, mah-jongg. One of the most impressive aspects of the game is the attention to detail put into the development of the game. If features colorful, high quality graphics. There are 25 tile layouts and each set is well drawn.

The game promises to be a fun version of the classic game for avid mah-jongg players. Aside from the outstanding visual rendering, MahJongg Masters also features an eclectic mix of traditional Chinese strings with Electronica background music.