MahJongg Master 4

eGames (Shareware)

MahJongg Master 4 is the fourth installment in the MahJongg Master series of games. The objective of the game is to remove all of the tiles on the game board by matching the free tiles. Players can only match the tiles positioned at the end of the rows, without disturbing the tiles at the middle. A free tile can be moved to the right or the left end of a row. Players must find exact matches for the tiles, except for the flower and season tiles, which match each other.

When tiles are matched, they are removed from the board and the player earns points. Honor tiles carry the most points at 300 per match; season and flower matches are worth 200 points; and suited tiles give 100 points when matched. When two pairs of the same tiles are matched one after the other, the player earns bonus points.

The game provides hints when players are having a difficult time looking for a match. The hint button makes available matches flash. When there are no matches available, users can click Shuffle, which will rearrange the tiles on the board. Each Hint costs 200 points while clicking the Shuffle button deducts 500 points from the player’s score. The game comes with five mini-games users can play between levels.