Mahjongg Artifacts

WildTangent, Inc. (Proprietary)

Mahjongg Artifacts is a video game developed by Alawar Entertainment and published by WildTangent Games in January 2007. This video game is based from the tile game, Mahjongg where players must clear a board of stacked tiles in order to win the game. Players must clear a board by clicking on a pair of tiles that have a matching design. Each level features different tile layouts that portray artifacts such as vases, lanterns, armor, paintings, and other ornaments. Furthermore, difficulty increases as the player progresses in the game. Higher levels will feature an increased number of tiles, and a more complicated tile layout. Mahjongg Artifacts’s main objective is to earn a high score by clearing a level in the shortest time possible. This game also features special tiles that enable users to form strategies in clearing a tile layout efficiently. These tiles include the Power Tile that can be paired with any other tile belonging to the same suit, and the Mighty Tile that enables players to match a clicked tile with any tile of any suit.

Mahjongg Artifacts has three game modes. The first mode is the Quest Mode, which enables players to follow the story of a character’s quest to find rare artifacts from different countries. Next game mode is the Classic Mode where players can play a one round game. Players can set the difficulty of this mode by selecting a tile layout and the number of tiles in the board. Last mode is the Endless Mode where players get to remove tiles from a continuously rising tower of game pieces.