Mahjong Revealed

FreeGamePick (Freeware)

The game of Mahjong has been played for over thousands of years. Many variations and styles have been played by different people and in different time periods. The game is not all too different from the game of poker and many have argued that it is the Oriental equivalent to the game. Developed by FreeGamePick, Mahjong Revealed is a game of Mahjong solitaire for the PC. It has several options for players to keep the game interesting and fun and adds an interesting twist to the age old game of Mahjong.

The game of Mahjong solitaire lets players mix and match similar mahjong tiles. The players are given over 80 engaging and unique boards. Players can also create their own boards to further add to the games replay value. For beginners, there is a mode available that disables the time limit. The program also has a simple, easy-to-use, and intuitive interface. This feature is great for those players who just want to get into the game with no other distractions. Players get a feature for unlimited undo and redo for moves. Beginners will also have the option to view the solution to any board and allows them to study the solutions and learn to play the game better.