Mahjong Garden To Go

Oberon Media (Shareware)

Mahjong Garden to Go is a single player tile-matching game program developed by Oberon Media and published by Gamehouse and Pogo. It was first released in 2005. This game offers similar gameplay as other Mahjong tile matching games wherein the goal is to remove all of the tiles by clicking on two free matching tiles. A free tile means there are no tiles on top or on either side of it.

The following are the game modes available in Mahjong Garden to Go:

• Traditional – The gameplay of this mode is similar to other tile-matching games but with an added time element. The time determines the bonus points at the end of each game. The player can choose from different tile styles. This game mode offers four types of help to the player – Hint, Show All, Undo, and Shuffle.
• Garden – In this game mode, the player may match tiles with the aid of free cells. There is also a bonus when removing matching season tiles. Unlike the traditional mode, the Garden mode gives the player ranking, which depends on how successful the player is in playing the game. Three levels of difficulty are available in this mode.
• Water Wheel – This is a new game mode of the tile-matching game, wherein there is a new type of tile called a turn tile. Matching this type of tile provides multiply points and rotates the tiles. When a player wins, he receives a fish as an award.