Mahjong Escape Ancient China

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Mahjong Escape Ancient China is a computer game in which players match mah jong tiles to clear them from the game area. The game takes players back 4000 years in China and lets them collect lost Dynasty treasures as they advance through the game. In this game, players are given different mah jong tile layouts and they are tasked to find tile matches among those that are located in the outermost edges of each layout. When the tiles are matched, they are removed from the game area, making the tiles next to the matched ones available for play. When all of the tiles are removed, players advance to the next level.

The game provides players with two ways to play, namely Classic Mah Jong solitaire and Dynasty Adventure, which serves as the game’s story mode and lets players collect treasures across 11 dynasties of Ancient China and match magic gold tiles. There are more than 175 unique tile layouts or levels to play. The Classic Mah Jong solitaire mode offers three levels of difficulty for players of varying skill. To help players make matches, the game provides 5 special power-up tiles. The game also lets players choose how they want the game board and tiles to look like by providing 15 hand-painted backgrounds.