Magus - In Search of Adventure 1.0

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Magus – In Search of Adventure is an adventure puzzle game by Big Fish Games. Players will take the role of the charming magical creature named Magus as he enters a world full of challenging adventures. The game begins when Magus finds a treasure map and decides to embark on a treasure-hunting journey. Magus goes on to explore the woods and notices shining jewels and treasures scattered everywhere. Completely amazed, Magus starts collecting the treasures but suddenly, a group of monsters appears, determined to get Magus’ spoils.  

The game consists of three enchanting worlds filled with a wide variety of challenges and obstacles, including enemies. The main goal is to help Magus scoop up treasures, outsmart enemies, and cast spells. Players have to avoid poisonous blossoms, giant mushrooms, and eerie caterpillars. Players have to make Magus climb ladders, scale vines, and dig holes in order to gather treasure.  

The game has 90 fun and challenging levels that mostly consist of puzzles. It also features five unique bonuses that will be useful as players go through the journey and find interesting discoveries. Bonus items include Invisibility that can help keep the character safe from enemies, and Potions for conquering various obstacles. It is an interesting game filled with colorful stages and intense gameplay.