Magnifixer 3.4

Blacksun Software (Freeware)

Magnifixer is a simple tool for magnifying any part of the screen. The application is ideal for those who have eye problems. The program’s window can be set to stay on top of other windows. It is simple and easy to use, even for those who are not computer savvy. When the application is enabled, the magnifier follows the mouse cursor and magnifies any area on the desktop the user points to. The program can magnify the desktop up to 40 times its size. The zoom level can be changed anytime by accessing the options on the menu. Some key features of the application are as follows:

• Can be used on any area on the screen
• Support for different color display modes including RGB and HTML
• Support for multiple monitor displays
• Smoothens out zoomed areas for better viewing quality
• User settings can be saved and used later on when magnifying a different area

Magnifixer provides the user complete control over the window’s size. Images that are magnified can also be copied to the clipboard. The program also support hotkeys, so users just need to press on a key combination on the keyboard in order to enable or disable the application.