Magnetic Adventure

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Magnetic Adventure is a physics-based game that tasks users to solve different types of puzzles using magnets. The game is set in the Academy of Magnetism and the character has special magnetic abilities that will be useful when solving the puzzles. Users will then be able to move around metallic objects and use them to manipulate the wooden objects on the puzzle. Some of the puzzles that need to be solved include fixing or opening locks and activating teleports. In some cases, objectives are given to the player by a small magnet who explains what to do with the puzzle.

Magnetic Adventure offers a realistic gaming experience to players. At first, the puzzles may be easy to solve, but they get harder as the player progresses through the different levels available in the game. There are also puzzles that may take hours to solve. The small magnet in the game is also useful when solving puzzles as it gives out hints. Other key features of the game are as follows:

• Unique gameplay that allows users to exercise their brains
• Comes with plenty of levels for hours of playing
• Has puzzles that have different goals
• Has an interesting storyline
• Solve unusual riddles