MAGIX Video deluxe MX Download-Version 5.0

MAGIX AG (Shareware)

The MAGIX Video deluxe MX Download-Version is an alternative application to the same company's Video Easy HD program. This is the simplified downloadable version of the video editing application that is ideal for new users or those who are not tech-savvy enough to utilize more complex programs. It is a great starter application for people interested in learning the ropes of digital video editing.

Quite easy to use, the MAGIX Video deluxe MX Download-Version provides people with a series of tools that they can use to create additions or edit portions of existing video files. The program can be used on system stored videos or those which have been imported from other sources. It can even function with Web streamed videos. There are different features that users can expect from the MAGIX Video deluxe MX Download-Version including different template setting and stereo support. Depending on the necessary editing work, users can also take advantage of the application's multi-camera features. These allow for different panning and angling modes.

The interface is easy to understand and easy-to-navigate menus are also present. Finished projects can then be saved to carry different formats including MPEG4, DVD, and Blu-ray. The program also comes equipped with a functional burner.