MAGIX video deLuxe

MAGIX AG (Proprietary)

MAGIX Video Deluxe is a video editing tool developed by MAGIX AG and released on 2001. The program is an all-in-one video editor that allows users to piece video clips and pictures together, add effects and transitions, and couple with musical soundtrack to form a professional-quality video. The program features touch capability for tablets and touch screens. It also offers multi-track support for music and other audio files. The program supports a variety of video file formats from several sources including digital camcorders, analog camcorders, digital cameras, web cameras, and TV cards. The program also comes with a Video Editing Wizard for beginner video editors.

MAGIX Video Deluxe features several video effect presets and templates for transitions, animations, and even intros and outros. The program also offers acceleration effects including sharpening or blurring video clips. It also has precise control effect that allows users to control the cuts and edits in a very precise manner. This is a very useful capability that professional video editors find necessary. The program likewise offers practical color correction with manual and automatic color correction functions. Color correction enables users to modify drastic color shifts. The program also features a chroma key engine, which allows users to superimpose one image shot on a green screen to another video. This feature comes with an anti-spill function that ensures that images will display clean edges without a green tinge.