MAGIX Print Studio 3.5

MAGIX Entertainment (Freeware)

MAGIX Print Studio is a CD and DVD art labeling software developed by MAGIX and released on March 2009. This program enables users to create CD and DVD cover art, cases, and labels. It features design templates and customizable design elements that enable users to make unique CD and DVD cases.

MAGIX Print Studio main window features menu bar options for File, Edit, Arrange, Utilities, Window, and Upgrade. Below the menu bar is a toolbar that shows the design element’s current position, size, scale, and angle. The workspace occupies most of the window. The top and left sides of the workspace features a ruler set in centimeters by default. This enables users to create design elements that fit perfectly with their specifications. The left side features the design tools necessary to create design elements including the Pointer, Line, Rectangle, Circle, Text, Grab, and Zoom. Users may choose specific colors for their design using the color selector at the bottom of the window. The Utilities option in the menu enables users to launch the Color Editor and the Options window. The Options window features four tabs—General, Grid and Ruler, Mouse, and Page. General options allow users to set layer visibility, customize marquee object selection, and edit angle constraints and duplication distance. Grid and Ruler options enable users to customize grid and ruler spacing, grid types, origin, and coordinate direction. Page option enables users to customize the page setup.