MAGIX Photo Manager 10 11

MAGIX AG (Freeware)

MAGIX Photo Manager 10 is a photo management program for optimizing, archiving, and organizing photo collections. It can import photos and video clips, edit, burn into discs, or present the collection for export.  It can import images from many camera models, hard drives, discs, and other portable devices for sorting. The images are then optimized (crop, rotate, color-correct, reduce file size, etc.) before creating a photo album.

The search function of MAGIX Photo Manager 10 can view, change file properties, look for similar images, as well as import these from digital cameras and other external media. Media arrangement follows logical criteria (file name, size, type, and creation date) to help find the images. The program also uses a face recognition technology, picture tagging, and creation of lists to help find similar images. It can stop dialog animations, create file associations, change audio and video settings, and change options in slideshows (intercut, soft fades, etc.) in the Settings window.  A small built-in player enables an ongoing slideshow monitor, and enables changes of the interface theme, if needed.

The program converts the created album to a video slideshow (it supports WMV, AVI, MOV and RM formats) for the user’s archives (on the computer, or burned into preferred discs) or for export as a finished movie on YouTube.