MAGIX Photo Clinic (ev)

MAGIX (Freeware)

MAGIX Photo Clinic (ev) is an image editing tool developed by MAGIX. It is a tool that allows users to edit any photos for printing and sharing. This enables them to customize their photos for personal or even professional use. It can be also used for the purpose of publishing advertisements.

MAGIX Photo Clinic (ev) is designed with a user-friendly interface for easy editing. It is simple but intuitive and loaded with complete editing tools. Users can select and upload any image to edit in one click. Accessing or importing photos is made through the file browser. They can also use multiple images of different objects.

Photos can be cropped, enlarged, rotated, scaled, flipped, and adjusted in brightness, saturation, and color. Texts can also be inserted within an image. Other tools include paint brushing, shadowing, embossing, gradient filling, sharpening, diffusing, and adding frames or borders. Editing can be made in different ways from the use of a pencil, magic want, paint brush, color picker, rectangle mask, and magnifying glass. As part of the enhancement feature, this program allows the use of effects and animations.

MAGIX Photo Clinic (ev) allows the viewing of information and histogram of photos. Users can check the size, number of pixels, file name, and other details of images.

Other features of the program are:
• Full screen view
• Screenshots
• Panorama images
• Batch processing and multiple image printing
• Undo and redo, with search functions