MAGIX AG (Shareware)

MAGIX PCCT 2010 or MAGIX PC Check & Tuning is a solution for accelerating PC speed. It is also a utility that may be used to optimize PC stability. A computer may be fitted with the best hardware there is but users may expect that after long-term use it slows down and becomes less efficient.  This utility is intended for computer maintenance in order to return computer systems back to their optimal level of function.

This program is also capable of updating drivers that are already outdated. This set of tools is also designed to provide monitoring 24 hours a day, seven days a week so that users are given ample warning when the tiniest problems are detected. The MAGIX PC Check & Tuning system can also make automatic improvements once the program detects issues. This is a professionally engineered utility that is composed of a variety of tools that computers can easily employ. It contains efficient cleaning tools so that temporary and cached files are removed without a trace.

MAGIX PCCT 2010 is known to improve PC performance by as much as 300%. Users can utilize the license for up to three computers. Additionally, this application can easily be employed without advanced computer knowledge. It has an easy-to-manage user interface that makes it ideal for home use.