MAGIX PanoramaStudio 1.6

Tobias Huellmandel Software (Shareware)

MAGIX PanoramaStudio 1.6 is an application designed for use in creating wide-angled or panoramic images in a seamless 360-degree view. It is a program that combines advanced post-processing features with basic functions in generating these panoramic images. MAGIX PanoramaStudio 1.6 has an easy-to-use feature that allows the stitching of arranged images into a single wide-angled panorama shot. It supports high-resolution image files that can go beyond the gigapixel limit.

MAGIX PanoramaStudio 1.6 comes with a sophisticated yet minimalist interface with a large work space for better 2D and 3D preview. The application comes with single and multi-row alignment functions that allow panoramas to reach a full spherical 360x180 degree resolution. With its advanced stitching technology, single files merge seamlessly into a unified whole. Users who want to tweak the output even more can use the manual post-processing commands. Filters are also available for additional editing. Meanwhile, its automatic exposure correction readily fixes individual image files to ensure unity of said aspect in between units. Output can be exported in various formats and sizes, including poster size and multiple page formats. Finally, panoramas can also be turned into screensavers for computers, and can also be transformed into interactive 3D image displays for websites.