MAGIX Music Maker MX Premium Download Version

MAGIX AG (Shareware)

Magix Music Maker is a digital music editor with comprehensive audio editing tools. It can be used by virtually any user at any level of computer expertise. This includes those who are not professional musicians or may not be accustomed to using programs for editing digital music. This software has a module called the Arranger, through which audio clips and videos can be selected into a track, improved through special effects, and exported in a modified format. Such characteristics were derived from Samplitude, a digital audio workstation for professional musicians. Both programs were developed by Magix AG.

The Arranger has 96 tracks for multimedia creations. Users may obtain audio or video files from their own collections. Users can use, integrate, or remix audio from the PC, or their CDs and MP3s to create sounds. Various multimedia formats, including MP3, MIDI, WMV, WAV, Apple Loops, and the like can be combined to produce music. Users can also opt to obtain audio material from the Internet. Magix Music Maker's multimedia library itself has audio and video building blocks or samples that can be mixed with external files collected by users. Sounds can be manipulated using synthesizers to achieve different effects. A Video Controller tool lets users import, integrate, modify, and put together videos on every track.

Other notable features of the software are as follows:

• Media database where audio files, photos, videos, and recordings can be stored, organized, and quickly retrieved
• High-end 32-bit floating-point method that caters to extremely differentiated and high-quality audio portions
• Recording function for tracks, vocals, instruments, and other sounds
• Thousands of professionally-made sounds and loops drawn from various musical genres

Finally, the software allows users to save and share their work on the Web. The output can be uploaded to YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitter, and Facebook in CD, WAV, or MP3 format. The MX or Media-X-Change feature makes it possible to share projects between Music Maker MX and Magix applications.