MAGIX Music Cleaning Lab deluxe

MAGIX AG (Proprietary)

MAGIX Music Cleaning Lab deluxe is an application that is used to clean, polish, and remaster audio tracks. It comes with a comprehensive set of tools that enable users to easily transfer tracks, apply the cleaning tools, and burn the digitally remastered tracks to new CDs. It is an ideal tool for restoring, encoding, and burning MP3 files. The application has a hardware component consisting of jack plugs and leads for the computer interface to enable users to transfer files from a sound system.

With this application, users can polish tracks that had been converted from analog into digital format, such as recordings from vinyls and cassette tapes. When the selected tracks are transferred into the user’s hard drive, the user can simply start the cleaning process to eliminate crackles, clicks, hisses, and other undesired noise from the tracks. The application comes with different sound effects. Users can choose to fade out the vocals of an audio track for a karaoke effect, add echo, and compile different tracks. The program includes a CD cover and label maker so users can create and customize their own covers for their compilation CDs.

The four main functions of MAGIX Music Cleaning Lab deluxe are:
• Restoring vinyl sound
• Cleaning tape sound
• Optimizing speech and audio book
• Editing digital files