MAGIX MP3 deluxe MX 18.01

Xara (Shareware)

Magix MP3 Deluxe MX is a music software that manages a music collection on a computer. It is used to organize and play music files. Music tracks are categorized according to artist, album, or genre. Music tracks can be played within the default interface. It can also be played through the “Galaxy View”. This type of view is where the music is played with an attractive galaxy-themed background and menu options.

Magix MP3 allows importing and exporting of music tracks from an external device. When the songs are imported, the program labels them immediately based on the track data. All tracks can be edited according to track name, album, artist name, and other labels. They can also be filled if there is no label. Track information can be edited straight from the file name. Music formats like WAV and OCG can be converted by the software to MP3. Additionally, the application has a “file and delete” feature that detects duplicate songs so that such can be deleted.

Magix MP3 Deluxe has a “smart search” feature that allows users to search for specific songs or a specific list of songs. There are two kinds of searches. Horizontal search is when the user searches for something using pre-defined filters. Extra-vertical filters are used when the user creates customized searches without the facility of already-defined filters.