MAGIX MP3 deluxe 17 18.01

MAGIX (Shareware)

Magix MP3 Deluxe is tool to manage music files. It can burn music to CDs and DVDs. Users can transfer music to an MP3 player. Archiving and organizing of music files can also be done with ease. Music files can also be converted and edited into different formats.

Magix MP3 Deluxe has the ability to rename entire folders. It can also create new tags. It can even find double titles. There are options to create playlists. These playlists group music together according to type. Another feature is the ability to mix songs. The software also has access to free music on the Internet. This can let users listen to Web radio stations. Downloading podcasts is also possible.

Magic MP3 Deluxe has an easy to use user interface. It is where users can extract music from CDs. It is also where importing of music folders is done. When extracting CD audio, album details are downloaded from the Internet automatically. This can save the user time from manually inserting those details by hand. The software can also analyze the user's music collection. Doing this will enable it to recommend music in a more personalized manner. The "Hit Finder" feature can record music from an online radio station automatically. It can also record multiple streaming music from different music stations.