MAGIX Digital Foto Maker 9

MAGIX (Shareware)

MAGIX Digital Foto Maker 9 is a program that enables users to manage their digital photos and video files. This program contains tools used to organize photos into folders and categories, locate and delete photo duplicates, and change the photo information such as file name, album name, comment, and year taken. This program also has a feature that groups photos automatically according to a common feature such as sunsets, night scenes, city scenes, landscapes, portraits, and group photos. MAGIX Digital Foto Maker 9 can import photos coming from the user’s local hard drive, from an external storage device such as a USB flash drive or External Hard Drive, from an optical disc such as a CD or DVD, or from online sources. The program is equipped with basic photo viewing tools such as the zooming button, rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise, next and back buttons, search button, and slide show button. In addition to these, MAGIX Digital Foto Maker 9 facilitates the compiling, printing, exporting, and burning of the user’s photo collections. The printing function allows users to set the photo size, orientation, and number of photos to be printed in a single page.

MAGIX Digital Foto Maker 9 features a user interface that contains four main parts. The first part is the main control bar located at the top portion of the screen. This section contains tools used to import, export, print, burn, view slideshow, view online album, and view photo prints. Users can also find other controls used for searches, directory browsing, and changing the view mode of the program interface. The next section is the directory panel located on the left side of the program window. This section allows users to browse through photo collections, folders, and categories. Beside this panel, users may find the viewing area, which displays an item selected by the user in the directory panel. The last part is the viewing tools located at the bottom portion of the program window.