MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab 12 deluxe 2014

MAGIX AG (Shareware)

One way to digitize and optimize music is through the MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab. It is an audio editing and sound optimizing application that improves the overall sound quality of audio tracks from a variety of devices. For the music aficionado, audio cleaning is done to remove annoying noise such as scratches and improve the sound quality of music recorded from vinyl recordings. This is, in general, to achieve a more vivid sound material.

With this tool, it is feasible to record all-time favorite songs, ringtones, music videos, live recordings, and other multimedia formats then edit them afterwards, even by users with limited experience or editing skills. This application has user-friendly commands and buttons that make it easy to use.  Creating backups of hard drives, smartphones, MP3 players, and CDs/DVDs is another feature.

The process can be done in 3 easy steps: Import/Record, Edit, and Export. For faster results, MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab is also equipped with a 1-click option, sorting out the “noises” and producing the finished product with just a click. For more experienced users who have a knack or ear for sound editing, it is advisable to go through the 3-step process to come up with better output quality. Saving an audio file to other formats is also possible via the “convert” button.