MAGIX 3D Maker 7.0

Xara Ltd. (Shareware)

MAGIX Xara 3D Maker 7 is a tool for creating professional-quality web graphics in 3D. It is ideal for animated and still/static 3D headings, titles, buttons, logos, and especially for web pages, online presentations, mailshots and movies. Unlike traditional 3D applications that take a long time to learn and master, Xara 3D Maker was designed to get the rendering job done and get it done with simplicity, style, and speed. The program was made solely to come up with the best quality 3D graphics and text for headings, buttons, logos and titles. It adds impact to movies, mailshots, web pages, movies, as well as presentations. All images utilized have a professional look by having an anti-alias feature applied to those them. Creating 3D animations in a snap like simple Flash video sequences, AVIs and GIFs, is possible. The images/animations created can also be used as screensavers.

For a complete description as well as actual demo for the application features, go to Home Page > Products > Xara 3D > Features. From there, users will get an idea how to create flexible templates, import graphics freely, and create 3D objects/ titles/animations in a few minutes. These can be exported into whichever desired format whether it’s for graphic or animated videos, and photo files.