mAgicTV is an application developed by the Japanese software company I-O Data Device Inc. This application enables users to browse and watch television programs in their computer. In addition to these, mAgicTV is also capable of playing DVD and Blu-ray media files in the user’s computer. This application functions as PC-based entertainment system that can play both television programs and DVD and Blu-ray movies in a single interface. mAgicTV contains basic media player controls used to adjust the TV or movie display. These controls include play, pause, stop, skip, back, fast forward, rewind, volume controls, and screen size controls. This application also has a channel browser where users may select different television programs from local or cable transmissions. Aside from these, mAgicTV also has an RU Record feature, which allows users to record digital copies of television broadcasts and save it as video files in their computer. This feature also allows users to organize their recorded TV programs into a media library where they may sort it according to genre or title. mAgicTV is capable of recording up 15 television programs.

mAgicTV contains a simple user interface that contains basic media player controls and tabs where users may switch between television and DVD/Blu-ray player view. The program’s media library allows users to look up for their recorded television programs by keyword search, or by displaying lists according to genre or category. Users may also view the program title, channel, and rating. mAgicTV’s user interface is only available in Japanese.