STAR TELECOM (Proprietary)

MAGICSIM is a utility that allows for a smooth transition from one set of contacts to another. It helps simplify communications and proves to be indispensable for both personal and commercial usage. This tool has a huge storage capacity. Upon the installation of 12 numbers to a Magicsim card, the user gains 250 group numbers plus 80 short messages. MAGICSIM is a product offered by STAR TELECOM and is compatible with a wide range of available hardware.

The maker of Magicsim is Star Telecom, a company from Taiwan. This tool was created to respond to the increasing demand for more versatile telecommunications applications. With Magicsim, the existing limitations in mobile phone technology can be overcome. This DUAL Sim card adapter negates the need for a more costly telecommunications solution. Roaming charges need not be incurred as well with the use of this state-of-the-art application.

MAGICSIM is a program that has the capability to copy all types of GSM V1 system cards. It can be used for decoding in countries that utilize this type of card. It is a versatile product that is re-writeable and readable as well. There is no need to turn the power on once more in order to switch to another number. Once the STK function is activated, the number switch can be made automatically.