MagicPvt Application

Samsung Electronics, Inc. (Shareware)

MagicPvt Application is a private media protection application used to hide videos and pictures on a phone. This tool has the ability to conceal the contents including the app icon to ensure complete privacy. Users simply need to dial their passcode to launch the application in stealth mode. This way, it is possible to have two galleries within the phone: one gallery for the public display of videos and images, and the other for containing those that are only for the user’s eyes.

The mechanism behind MagicPvt Application begins with setting up a private space or vault within the phone or other device where private pictures and videos can be safely stored through encryption technology. Only the user who knows the passcode can access these media files and import them. The stored files can be extracted from the space and shared in batches at the public gallery. Re-hiding them can be easily done.

The private vault’s sleek design and convenient media browsing experience provides the user a pleasant and hassle-free use of the program’s features. There are components for smooth zooming, rotating and sliding through the media files. The user can likewise export private media files to an SD card. In case a re-installation of the program is required, the files are recoverable.