MagicDVDCopier Application

Magic Software (Shareware)

Magic DVD Copier is a DVD backup tool developed by Magic Software. It works by allowing users to copy DVD movies to the local hard drive or a blank DVD disk. Aside from copying DVD movies, the application can also be used for burning and compressing DVDs.

The program’s interface is straightforward. To copy DVDs, users only have to specify the source destination, target destination, and copy mode. Then, click on the “Start” button to start copying the DVD files. The compression feature is automatically provided when the size of the inserted source DVD is larger than 4.7GB. The program provides four main copy modes – Full Disc, Main Movie, Custom, and DVD9 to 2 DVD5. The DVD9 to 2 DVD5 is the option for compressing DVD files. The Full Disc mode is used when copying the entire contents of the DVD including the menus while the Main Movie mode is used when copying only the main movie section of the DVD. The Custom mode is used when copying selected episodes of the DVD only. Only the Full Disc and Main Movie modes are available when copying DVDs on the local hard drive.

Magic DVD Copier also offers several configuration options for the copying, burning, and compressing DVD files. There are also options to generate DVD report, export Ini, export Log, and export SLF.