Magic Vocal Remover 1.0.11 (Shareware)

Magic Vocal Remover is an application that can remove the voice track from any music file. This program will save the user from having to search the Internet for instrumental or karaoke tracks. Using this software, the user will be able to create his own karaoke track straight from the original music file. The program is ideal for practicing singers and for those preparing audition pieces. This program works with any music format on both Mac and Windows systems.

The software features a sophisticated sound-processing technology that removes or reduces the vocals from an audio file, leaving behind the instrumental track. Vocals with echo will also be stripped from the file. The user simply needs to select a song from the computer’s music library. The song may also be downloaded from the Internet. After choosing a song, the user specifies the output file type and destination folder. The track will be processed once the user clicks the ‘Remove Vocals’ button. When this is done, the user can listen to the new track. The new, “voiceless” track is automatically saved in the output folder in the computer. The track can also be burned onto a CD or copied to a portable media player.