Magic Set Editor

Twan van Laarhoven (Freeware)

Magic Set Editor is a simple application that allows users to design their own cards for popular card games like the Gathering, VS System, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon, Warlords, Hecatomb, and Anachromism. The software creates images which can be posted on the Internet as an HTML file, uploaded to Apprentice, or it can be printed on paper. On top of the editing window where users create and edit the cards, there is also a statistics window, which gives information about the cards that the users have created including average mana cost and others. There is also a quick search that allows users to locate their cards based on keywords. The console panel displays error messages and allows advanced users to evaluate the codes of the software.

Magic Set Editor has a simple user interface. Upon launching the program, users will be asked to select which set to open. Note that this software creates cards as a set and not individually. With this, the initial window offers the selection as New Set,  Open Set, or Last Opened Set. Next, the user will be asked to select the game and the frame style to be used. All the elements in the card can be modified and specified by the user. The elements are the Card Name, Type Line, Text Box, Collector Number, Mana Cost, Expansion Symbol and Power, and Toughness. The user will need to click on the particular section that needs to be edited. This can cause changes to other sections. Once all modifications are done, click on the “Save” icon and specify the name of the set that the card belongs to.