Magic MP3 Tagger 2.2.4

Mathias Kunter (Shareware)

Magic MP3 Tagger is used for managing and correcting tags for audio files. The program allows users to have an MP3 collection with complete and correct information. It makes use of music identification algorithm in order to property tag the audio files. With this algorithm, users do not need to manually go over the audio files in order to correct information. The program has its own music database that consists of songs and albums from 5,000 popular bands. It supports music databases, such as freedb and MusicBrainz. The application assists users in editing MP3 tags as well. It highlights songs that have an incorrect name and users have complete control over how the audio files are named.

The program’s main window is simple and intuitive. Task buttons and common commands are located at the upper portion of the main window. Audio files in tree view are located at the left side of the main window. The program also enables users to manually search for song information on the database. Users can type in the artist name, album title, or the title of the song. The program is also capable of searching for duplicate files. This allows users to delete the duplicates and make more space for other files in the computer.