Magic Maze

Alawar Entertainment (Shareware)

Magic Maze is an action puzzle game developed by Alawar Entertainment and released on June 2012. This game features magical dungeon mazes in twelve game levels. Each dungeon is guarded by a dungeon master that made the same a treasure warehouse. The player drops down a rabbit hole and is transported into the maze littered with enemy bunnies that can be blown off using the player’s firearm. These enemy bunnies are servants of the dungeon master and are there to protect treasures from being taken. Each level features one dungeon master to be defeated, totaling to 12 dungeon masters for the whole game. Each level has three hidden gems that players need to find to advance to the next level. Along the way, the player can collect bonus items and other treasures that may be used to upgrade their skills. There are 10 skills that players need to master and utilize to finish the game.

Magic Maze game controls are mostly done using the mouse. In the game movements are done by left clicking on the desired direction or location. To shoot a crate or an enemy bunny, right clicking the target does the trick. Users can pick up bonus items and other treasures by left clicking them. Treasure chests are opened by a left click as well.