Magic Farm 2 Fairy Lands

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Magic Farm 2 Fairy Lands is a point-and-click time management game in which players are tasked to do missions focusing on gardening. Players assume the role of Iris, the flower gardener. Players will also find hidden objects and accomplish different quests; eventually, they will get to take part in a special magical tournament.

The game features three locations. The Town is where they will be able to meet the different characters of the game who will give the players their tasks. The most important character to talk to is the one shown in the foreground. Players talk to characters by clicking them. The characters will also bestow rewards on the players when tasks are accomplished. Players can see the active tasks by clicking the Tasks button.

The Farm is where flowers are grown. Players can choose the plants to grow and water them as needed. The kinds of plants available to the player will increase as the game progresses. Players must monitor the amount of water they have. Water drops on a plant indicate that the player must give it water by clicking on a water drop. Players must also remove pests from the garden and collect the trophies the pests will drop.

The last location is the Flower Shop, where players can sell their flowers individually or in bouquets. The money earned can be used to upgrade the farm and buy different kinds of plants.