Magic DVD Creator

MagicVideoSoftware Inc. (Shareware)

Magic DVD Converter is a video burning program developed by the company, Magic Video Software, Inc. It enables users to create DVDs from other video files and transform them into results that are compatible with both PAL and NTSC modes. It supports a wide variety of video formats including AVI, WMZ, MPEG, MOV, 3GP, SWF, and RM digital sound and video files. Apart from burning DVDs, this program also allows users to create actual DVDs from scratch as well as menus for movies.

Magic DVD Creator already comes with default settings, but users can readily make changes to the parameters if desired. Some of the aspects that can be adjusted in the Settings menu include the temporary file destination folder, video format, and quality of the output. Other elements such as device name, burning speed, and disc label also have options from which users can choose. To create a DVD from scratch, the user must select between Pagination Menu and Chapters Menu for the DVD mode. With the Pagination Menu, users can set up numerous pages in order to add more link and video menus, each of which has a video hyperlink. With the Chapters Menu, users can create a DVD menu what can be played according to chapters. Through this mode, users can add a title menu, which contains chapter video links.