Magic Desktop

EasyBits Software AS (Freeware)

Magic Desktop is a desktop utility application developed by EasyBits Software. This application is used for customizing the desktop to make it more children-friendly. The program offers Computer Protection. It offers a parent-selected password, which prevents children from accessing the regular screen. This protects important files and system settings.

Magic Desktop offers Parental Control feature. This provides control to not only the programs children can access but also how and when the kids can access these programs. This feature is called No Homework-No Play technology. It serves as a way for children to access certain program once they have accomplished a task or homework of your choice. Magic Desktop also creates a safe yet fun environment for children, where they can also learn how to use the computer at their own pace. It includes a set of programs suitable for children ages 2-10. These programs are particularly designed to challenge the minds of children. Some of the included programs are Easy Write, Gamepad, Easy Paint, My First Music and more.

Magic Desktop also features My First Browser. This is a child-friendly browser that allows parents to pick kid-friendly websites. This browser also enables children to browse websites that you approved. The program also features Magic Mail, which is a secure email application for kids.