Magic CD & DVD Burner 1.4.4

Binary Magic (Shareware)

Magic CD & DVD Burner is an application that is used to burn music files to CD and DVD discs. Burning is the process of transferring music files from the computer to a CD. In this way, the songs can be played on stand-alone CD and DVD players. Multiple audio and video formats are supported. Furthermore, it can burn multimedia files in high definition quality. This means that it can burn files in HD-DVD and Blu-Ray quality. The program can burn files "on the fly". This entails that the burning process is automatic. It does not require a lot of human engagement to run. Additionally, when burning files, the program does not require creating temporary Internet files to do the process. Rewritable discs can also be used to burn multimedia tracks. The program has the option to modify the files. The file’s song title and artist can be altered. The user can choose how he wants to see the music directory in the disc.

The software maintains stability by not becoming unresponsive especially during the burning process. The program can run without having to use ActiveX, a program often associated with downloading in Microsoft applications such as Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office. For programmers, the program's source code is available for them to create their own software based on this application.