Magic Ball 4

iWin (Shareware)

Magic Ball 4 is a three-dimensional smash-em-up game that was first released in 2009. It is the fourth installment in the Magic Ball series of games. In the game, aliens have landed on earth and have kidnapped humans. The player’s goal is to rescue the humans and return them back to the earth. This can be done by using the Magic Ball of Relativity. Players are tasked to control a paddle that can be moved to the left and right sides of the game screen. Players then have to smash objects in the game screen using the ball and the paddle. The goal is also to keep the ball from falling off the screen.

Some of the items and objects that players need to break include trees, animals, buildings, and even people. The game features several levels that are set in different locations around the world. Power ups also occasionally fall from the top of the screen. These power ups will help users beat the game faster. After each level, the player is awarded with a bronze, silver, or gold trophy. The game consists of three-dimensional animated graphics that make the game more interesting to play. Magic Ball 4 can be enjoyed by the entire family.