Magic Ball 2


Magic Ball is a 3D puzzle game application initially released on April 21, 2009. The goal of the game is to reach the highest possible level by destroying all the bricks on a certain level in order to proceed to the next one. There are three main components in the game – Bat, Ball and Bricks. The player controls the Bat using the mouse providing control to the Ball’s movement. The Bricks are destroyed every time the Ball touches them. The game features 100 levels with real-world locations and objects. Aside from the normal “ball” as the weapon to destroy the bricks, the player can also get different power-ups and weapons.

These weapons and power-ups can only be used if the player catches them. Some of the weapons/power-ups include Balls Speed Up, Triple Ball Explosive Ball, Hypnotic Ball, Cannon, Yo-Yo, Gun and more. The power-ups and weapons give player more advantage to the game. Some of the weapons give power to the Bat while others give the Ball power-ups. For example, the Cannon allows users to fire cannon balls to the bricks and the Triple Ball dispatches two more balls to the game. Each power-up and weapon has their own corresponding bonus points. The more weapons and power-ups you get, the more points is added to the total score.