Magelo Sync

Magelo (Freeware)

Magelo Sync is a synchronization program developed by Magelo and is designed for gaming purposes. It gives way to character synchronization for users on their Magelo account. Through synchronization, users can access all the offered features in the website. It gathers and exports numerous character details like basic stats, inventory, equipment, and many more. It supports Premium and Free accounts utilized by gamers. If the gamer has a Premium account, this program allows one-click complete character synchronization, which saves gamers time in synchronizing the details.

Aside from synchronizing characters, it also offers access to database shortcuts according to the gamers’ characters. The program utilizes contextual information related to a character, ensuring the right details are obtained. In addition to accessing the database, the Sync application also aids in populating Magelo database while allowing gamers to contribute to the listing. This application also supports real time data gathering necessary for playing. It will deliver the zone where the character is located, target at the time, and quests. Another important piece of information gathered is an NPC’s position together with items that are either dropped or obtained by purchasing from a merchant.

Magelo Sync is a compact program that runs perfectly on every computer. Despite its compact build, it effectively synchronizes characters and game details on various supported games. Gamers can also expect continuous sync compatibility with other future games Magelo will decide to support.