Mafia 2

2K Czech (Proprietary)

Mafia II is an adventure video game about Vito Scaletta as he works his way to ascend the world of Mafia, or organized crime. It is the second game in the Mafia series of video games. In this game, Vito and his family immigrate to the United States to find a better life. Soon they find themselves in poverty. Vito does not have a choice but to join the Mafia. Together with Joe, his lifelong friend, they try to demonstrate that they are worthy of recognition in the Organized crime world. They do this by doing jobs for the big Mafia bosses in Empire Bay City, a fictional city in America during the 1940s.

The game features weapons that have appeared in the first game in the series. These weapons are the ones that are available during the game's time frame, which is from the 1940s to the 50s. Around 40 vehicles can be used by the player. These vehicles are also the ones found during the era. Within the game's interface, a mini map is found at the lower right side of the screen. This allows the player to navigate in the area. In-game objects can also be interacted with. There are 2 buttons for interaction. The standard button lets the player deal with objects normally. The violent action button lets the player use violence when interacting with the in-game objects.